24 February 2014

WDYTYA? Live 2014 Speakers Handouts

The Society of Genealogists have posted a selection of handouts from presentations at the 2014 event just ended at http://www.sog.org.uk/learn/who-do-you-think-you-are-live-2014-speakers-handouts/

Presently available are:

Gill Blanchard (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Our Ancestors' Homes. Where they lived and what their homes were like.

Else Churchill (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) What's been done before? Finding Pedigrees Online and at the Society of Genealogists

Else Churchill (Friday 21 Feb 2014) What Next? Pre 1837 Parish Registers in the Archives, Online and at the Society of Genealogists

Janet Few (Saturday 22 Feb 2014) Putting Your Ancestors in their Place - Sources for reconstructing nineteenth century communities

Janet Few (Friday 21 Feb 2014) A-Z of Family History. An alphabetical journey through some less well known sources

Mark E Gardner (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) How FamilySearch Can Help You Locate Your Ancestors

Mark E Gardner (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Tips for Using British Records

Michael Tobias (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Researching Your Jewish Ancestors


The following have been added

John Hanson (Friday 21 Feb 2014) Why Pay? The Top Free Alternative Websites for Family History

John Hanson (Saturday Feb 22 2014) Why Cant I Find Them in the Civil Registration Indexes?

Celia Heritage (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Newspapers for Family History

Celia Heritage (Saturday 22 Feb 2014) Wills:Not Just a Source for Our Better Off Ancestors

Daniel Horowitz (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) How Can I Share and Preserve Memories in the the Digital Era

Roz McCutcheon (Friday 21 Feb 2014) The Poor Laws and the Irish Poor

Eileen M. Ó Dúill (Saturday 22 Feb 2014)  Moving from Amateur to Professional Genealogist: Are You Ready?

Frank Pleszack (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) The Little Known Battle of  Lake Narocz

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