25 February 2014

WDYTYA Live DNA Seminars via YouTube

Recordings of five live presentations given at the Family Tree DNA Theatre at last week's Who Do You Think You Are? Live event in London have been posted on YouTube by Maurice Gleeson.

Overview presentations given are:

The Basics of DNA Testing (Katherine Borges)
DNA for Beginners - the three tests (Debbie Kennett)
Autosomal DNA - a step-by-step approach to analysing your atDNA matches (Maurice Gleeson)

Regionally specific presentations available are:

Scottish DNA - Clans, Families, and Surnames (Alasdair Macdonald)
Wales, DNA & Surnames (Brian Swann)

As these were recorded at the live event with lots of background noise the audio quality leaves much to be desired.

Depending on your familiarity with accents you may have additional difficulty, I found the presentation by Alistair Macdonald combined with the background noise a real challenge.

Brian Swann's presentation, which dealt with Y-DNA and complementary Welsh documentary resources, was especially well done although marred by running into loudspeaker announcements of the end of the event toward the presentation's end.

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