20 February 2014

MyHeritage and BillionGraves cooperation

MyHeritage has teamed up with BillionGraves to launch a global initiative to digitally preserve the world's cemeteries. The following is a note on the initiative from MyHeritage Chief Genealogist Daniel Horowitz.
As we know, gravestones are very important for genealogy due to the rich information they contain, such as names, dates and biographical details. But there are thousands of cemeteries worldwide whose gravestones have never been documented nor has their information been made available or searchable online.
In addition, time is chipping away at the gravestones and many are becoming unreadable over the years.
Over the next few years, we’ll be working with our global community to preserve and document gravestones worldwide, for future generations, using the BillionGraves app. The app uses patent-pending technology to let users photograph and document gravestones, and, with the help of MyHeritage, the app will be available in 25 languages, and will support Gregorian, Hebrew and Julian dates. The app also records the GPS locations of gravestones to make them easy to find, and volunteers can easily see which areas of any cemetery remain undocumented, to maximize efficiency and avoid duplication.
The records will be available free on BillionGraves' website, and MyHeritage's search engine for historical records, SuperSearch. MyHeritage's Record Matching technologies will ensure that our users will receive notifications whenever a gravestone matches their family tree.
BillionGraves is an independently owned and operated FREE resource accessible to all through its own website at www.billiongraves.com and through cooperation with FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com.

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