10 February 2014

Snatches of RootsTech

I caught the latter part of two streamed presentation from RootsTech on Saturday.

Rockstar genealogist Josh Taylor presented on Information Overload: Managing Online Searches and Their Results. There's a comprehensive handout at https://rootstech.org/wp-content/uploads/sessionfiles/GS1375/GS1375_Taylor.pdf. I tuned in as he was mentioning the search engine Yippy, which he'd apparently given more attention to earlier in the presentation. I tried it at www.yippy.com. A search for my relative Thomas Fairman Ordish returned only two results whereas Google returned many more. No wonder in the remainder of his talk Josh spoke of different protocols for Google searches.

I also caught the end of the following streamed presentation, by Randy Whited, A Beginner’s Guide to Going Paperless. In the short part I saw he was comparing the free cloud storage available from different sources, including for photos. It's one I'll be wanting to view in its entirety when online. Three presentations from the conference are already available at rootstech.org and others are promised "very soon".

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