03 February 2014

Sequence the human genome for $100?

"Coming soon: A genome test that costs less than a new pair of shoes". That's the headline on an article reporting on a panel discussion in Silicon Valley last week. 
According to the report Stefan Roever, CEO of startup company Genia Technologies, they are working on a method, called nanopore-based sequencing, which could lower the price to $100.
We've already seen with existing autosomal DNA testing, through 23andMe and Family Tree DNA, that $100 is an attractive price point. Advances like this for the family historian have only been possible because we piggyback on the massive investment attracted by application for medical applications. 
Read the article at http://goo.gl/Q7v2wQ, and more about the company's ambitious plans for "the iPhone of gene sequencing" at http://goo.gl/CDwzJl

via a tweet from Debbie Kennett.

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