23 February 2014

New in the BIFHSGO Library

BIFHSGO's Brian O'Reagan Memorial Library located at the city of Ottawa Archives, continues to grow by purchase and, importantly, by donation. Here are some of the latest acquisitions.

Cornish mining: the techniques of metal mining in the West of England, past and present, by Bryan Earl, published by D Bradford Barton

DNA and social networking: a guide to genealogy in the 21st century, by Debbie Kennett, published by The History Press

Doomsday book: Devon (History from the Sources) Vol. 9 Part 2, edited by John Morris, Caroline Thorn et al, pub;lished by Phillimore

The Durford cartulary (Sussex Record Society/ Volume 90) edited by Janet E. Srevenson, published by the Sussex Records Society

East Sussex coroners' records 1638-1838 (Sussex Records Society/ Volume 89) edited by R. F. Hunnisett

East Sussex Parliamentary deposited plans 1799-1970: schemes for railways, canals, harbours, roads, tramways, peers and public utilities (Sussex Record Society/Volume 87)

The history of Wales, revised edition, by John Davies, published by Penguin

Marriage law for genealogists: the definitive guide ... what everyone tracing their family history needs to know about where, when, and how their English and Welsh ancestors married, by Rebecca Probert published by Takeaway

The McHenry family history comes to life: beginning with Daniel McHenry (1817 – 1885) by Barbara Sue Baker, privately published

The people of Penryn in the 17th century, by June Palmer, privately published

Poldark's Cornwall, by Winston Graham, published by Webb and Bower

Sussex cricket in the 18th century (Sussex Record Society/Volume 88), published by the Sussex Record Society

Sussex depicted: views and descriptions 1600-1800, by John H Farrant, published by the Sussex Record Society

Sussex shore to Flanders fields: Edward Heron-Allen's Journal of the Great War (Sussex Record Society/Volume 86), by Edward Heron-Allen, edited by Brian W Fitzgerald, published by the Sussex Records Society

Tin and tin mining, by R. L. Atkinson, published by Shire Publications

Truro during the Napoleonic Wars, by June Palmer, published by Allan Bell & Company

Welsh genealogy, by Bruce Durie, published by The History Press

Thanks to BIFHSGO Librarian Betty Warburton for the information

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