Sunday, 10 December 2017

Farewell Bytown or Bust

On Sunday, 10 December Al Lewis posted the following message on his Facebook group.

"Good morning, all: After 52 years of working, I have decided it is time to retire. I will not be doing any further historical or genealogical research but will still be monitoring this Facebook group. In general, I need a rest and a change from working and need to spend some time pursuing other, less time-consuming interests. This group expanded rapidly and I did not anticipate how many posts and e-mails it would generate - between my website at and this present facebook group, there is simply too much work. The web site will still be available for researchers of history and genealogy in the Ottawa, Canada area, but it will not be updated any longer. It has been a pleasure to work with you all and I will still be around but will not be posting new material here.  ... Allan Lewis, Ottawa, Canada."

Thank you Al for the tremendous contribution you have made to the local historical and genealogical community. Your contributions will be missed. Thank you also for ensuring the website will continue to be available.


Bryan Douglas Cook said...

Al, I salute you for your dedication and hard work over many years to bring the history of Bytown to the attention of researchers and the public. I have used your Bytown or Bust many times to point me to new information and sources in my own work. Thanks and best wishes in your retirement! Bryan Cook

Anonymous said...

So many thanks to you, Al, including info that your step-dad's family came with my Langford family members from Shropshire! Bytown or Bust has been an essential place to start for any information about my family history in the Ottawa Valley for the last 200 years! It was sometimes a shock to realize that you knew about my family's history before I did! There has always been so much to love on Bytown or Bust. Many many thanks for all your hard work, and cheers, BT