Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Presentations Online for BIFHSGO Members

The collection of recordings of presentations at Conference 2017 is now complete and available under the Members Only link at the BIFHSGO website.
  • Another Bloody Englishman! Britannia in Red Serge, 1873-1920, by Glenn Wright
  • Beyond All Reasonable Doubt, by Celia Heritage
  • Buried Treasures: What's in the English Parish Chest?, by Paul Milner
  • Working with Sources, by Gillian Leitch
  • Researching in English and Welsh Archives, by Celia Heritage
  • Copyright for Family History, by Marnie McCall
  • Occupational, Guild and Freedman Records, by Paul Milner
  • Genealogy and the Age of Shakespeare, by James F.S. Thomson
  • British Military: Finding Your Pre-WWI Soldier, by Paul Milner
  • Using Death Records in Family History, by Celia Heritage
  • Tips and Tools for Navigating the English Probate System, by Paul Milner
  • Historical Newspapers, by James F.S. Thomson
  • I've Lost My Ancestor Before 1837: How Can I Find Him?, by Celia Heritage
  • My God, Nobody Told Me!, by Paul Milner.
In fact the collection is not quite complete, the presentation by David Jeanes is held back as he will be presenting it at the society monthly meeting in January.

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