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Internet Genealogy Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

This issue, delayed a bit from the regular schedule, includes two review articles by Internet Genealogy regular contributor Tony Bandy.
Tony makes a speciality of reviewing genealogy-related software, or apps, often ones I've not heard of before. This issue is no exception.
ProStamm: Your Next Cloud-based Genealogy Solution? looks at this subscription, cloud based indexing genealogy program that organizes, manages, and presents family genealogical information and EVENTS.
Genealogy software is a crowded market. The company web site claims it is the best genealogy software on the internet. It would have to be to justify the cost of $10 per month for basic use.
Tony's other review article is Remembering Your Family’s Stories with JamBios. It isn't genealogy software but a new platform for composing and sharing your family history. Tony judges it "a great and quick way to share images, eyewitness accounts and stories about our loved ones and ancestors." A strength is the help it gives in suggesting aspects of life to document. The company website is
These two reviews are examples where Tony sticks to describing the capabilities. He leaves it to the reader to judge whether their needs would be met. In other articles he has compared different programs. That's the type of article I find more helpful.

In the article highlighted on the cover Online Finding Aids Reveal Genealogical Gems Diane L. Richard looks at some lesser-known resources found in manuscript & archival collection holdings. She points to ledgers and many other other organizational documents. Although the list of example archives where this type of material might be found are mainly US, especially her home state of Virginia, there are five Canadian archives listed. The article reminded me of a recent talk by Carleton University history professor Bruce Elliott who showed what can be gleaned from an early 19th century Ottawa store ledger.

Other articles in the issue are:

The PRONI Historical Map Viewer
Joe Grandinetti looks at how geography meets genealogy with the Historical Map Viewer from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. A Great Place to Start Your Research!
If you are new to family history research, Melody Amsel-Arieli suggests exploring the extensive resources this powerhouse has to offer.

On the Scenic Route
Sue Lisk embarks on a journey of twists and turns to fill in the missing pieces of an ancestor’s story.

Military Periodicals, Newspapers, and Magazines
David A. Norris reveals some resources where you might find rare family history gems.

The Global Village in 21st Century Genealogy
Jean Wilcox Hibben; PhD, MA, examines the theories of Marshall McLuhan in the computer age.

The Explorer and the Opera Singer
Gabrielle Morgan explores the life of an ancestor through online newspapers and discovers how some trusted sources might lead one astray.

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest.

Back Page
Dave Obee wonders why it is so hard to get responses when contacting DNA matches,

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