Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Name Game

If you think of a Scottish surname you probably think of it beginning with Mac or Mc. But only 1 in 8 do.
According the National Records of Scotland Smith, Brown and Wilson are currently the top three surnames in Scotland. Smith has been the most common surname in all surveys since that covering the early years of civil registration.
Jack and Olivia were the top given names in the list released last December.
So Jack or Olivia Smith are the most likely Scottish names. Who knew?

In Ireland the most popular are James and Emily Murphy.

In England and Wales it's Oliver and Olivia Smith.

In Canada Smith continues as the most frequent last name. In Ontario Liam is the top boy's name, Olivia the girl's.

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Barbara said...

What is it with Olivia? Top female name in all the countries mentioned seems odd when I can't think of a single world celebrity named Olivia that would cause such a trend. I'm certainly glad I don't have any Olivia Smiths in my family tree!