Sunday, 31 December 2017

Yuletide R&R: Victor Borge Inflation and Punctuation 0001


Gail B said...

Thanks for the week of classic year end funnies, John. Much appreciated. Best to you in the new year.

Judy Lynn in Ontario said...

Thanks so much for posting the Victor Borge classics! I was screaming with laughter again at the audible punctuation reading and it took me back to a family memory of times with my dad who was a huge Victor Borge fan in the 1960's. We used to watch his 'skits' and appearances as well as his full length comedy routines making sure NOT to be holding a drink or sipping on anything throughout because spilling and choking would invariably insue. I was only a kid when I shared those moments with my dad, but watching these moments again brought back a whole flood of memories. I know I could go on YouTube and find them anytime but I have never done so. Receiving the invitation to watch, by happenstance, was a great gift. Thank you.