03 January 2018

Do you struggle with genetic genealogy?

By now most serious genealogists know that DNA testing is essential evidence. But many struggle with it as it's so different from traditional document-based genealogical evidence. Others reject it as they only know about the ethnicity results as shown in TV ads, not appreciating that there's more than that. All relevant evidence should be consulted.

If you need help the “Introduction to Genetic Genealogy” course taught by Linda Reid could be the answer. Not only will it get you started but will also be an excellent way for participants to prepare for an intermediate to advanced April workshop in Toronto by Blaine Bettinger. 

Linda's course is introductory, or for those who need a refresher — three morning sessions — 10:00 am to noon. Registrants can choose from three Wednesdays starting 10 January, or three Saturdays starting 13 January. Both Wednesday and Saturday sessions will be held at the Toronto Reference Library, which—despite being January—is easily reached by Toronto Transit (Bloor and Yonge subway lines) and connects with GO and other GTA regional services.

For more details and to register online, see: https://torontofamilyhistory.org/learn/courses/

Blaine's April workshop will be not for beginners. Repeat not for beginners — there's little more discouraging than paying to attend a session and getting overwhelmed. Blaine will assume you have already tested, explored the tools from the testing company, uploaded to GEDmatch and used some basic tools there (one-to-many matches and chromosome browser).

A note from Jane MacNamara tells me that the Blaine's workshop in Toronto will be on Saturday, 7 April. More information on that will be coming very soon.


Anonymous said...

The program for Blaine Bettinger's April 7 workshop is online, but registration isn't open yet.

Toni said...

I wish I was close enough to come. I've wanted a live person class forever! I try but it's just Too Much Information!