09 January 2018

Ontario Historical Land Registration Books Online

Land registration provides interesting resources for genealogists, especially as wills are frequently part of the record, but "searching land registration records can be a complex process."

Access to some Ontario records just got easier. Under the headline OnLand is Here! comes this announcement from Teranet, in partnership with ServiceOntario:

The first phase of the web portal offers customers the opportunity to test out the historical land registration book search and view option only. Customers will still be required to visit a land registry office to print any records. For more information on Historical Books, please click here.
We will provide an update when full search capabilities are available on OnLand in late 2018.
When fully implemented, OnLand will allow users to search historical and current property records, anywhere in the province, from the convenience of your home or office, instead of visiting a land registry office.

Posts on Monday on My Moynahan Genealogy Blog by Cindi Foreman look in detail at what's available now, with examples. There are two parts of a four part series available as I write:

Part I: OnLand Records: Historical Books: Abstract / Parcel Register Book
Part IV: OnLand Records: Historical Books: First Registration Book


Anonymous said...

I think this will be a valuable search tool once they have all of the material online. I did a brief search and did find the concession and lot # for my great-great grandfather, but, the quality of the scan is not the best. Looking forward to the fall when more items are available.

Gail B said...

I have just sent this link to two people who work with me in a Heritage Community org...one a heritage planner, the other works with Land Records for an Archeology firm in Toronto. He is over the moon with this, as he can now do title searches from home and not have to go to Toronto each time. He just emailed me that 'OMG, that is Wonderful'. so .... you never know when the information you pass on will be appreciated. Many thanks, John, for all that you do.