19 January 2018

Ontario and Manitoba Vital Records Updates for 2018

Ancestry quietly added to these records on 10 January.

DatabaseTotal Records
Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1826-19367,480,585
Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-19463,241,953
Web: Manitoba, Canada, Birth Index, 1870-1917563,649
Web: Manitoba, Marriage Index, 1881-1937382,854
Web: Manitoba, Death Index, 1871-1947553,034

An additional year, 1936 for marriage records and 1946 for deaths are added for Ontario.

Note that you can search the Manitoba index records with no subscription required at http://vitalstats.gov.mb.ca/Query.php

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researcher said...

Your readers should be aware that ancestry appears to still have gaps in Ontario marriage registrations, 1929-1932 inclusive, and in death registrations, 1939-1942 inclusive. Records from these years appear to be only accessible in person at the Archives of Ontario.