06 January 2018

Toronto Genealogy Summer Camp

Repeat clients are the best recommendation. A few years ago former BIFHSGO Librarian Betty Warburton would tell me about her time at the Toronto Genealogy Summer Camp run by Jane MacNamara. She was a repeat client.

After a two-year hiatus Jane is running the Summer Camp again.  Just recently I ran into someone, remaining nameless, who said she was applying to attend this June. She assumed you have to show you're experienced enough to benefit.

However, Jane tells me she asks questions about skill level and experience, not to exclude beginners but rather to help tailor the program to suit the group. She wants to be sure there’s a reasonable chance they’ll find something—that the time period and location they want to explore is feasible.
As Jane writes on her blog, "in Toronto, we’re lucky to have a wonderful cluster of archives and libraries. They are filled with information about ancestors who lived in Ontario. It is a great city for family history researchers to visit.
Genealogy Summer Camp can help you make the best use of your time in Toronto by suggesting what records to look for and where, and helping you navigate the various systems and finding aids at each repository.
You’ll spend less time finding the archives and more time finding information!"

The Genealogy Summer Camp runs from 4 to 8 June 2018, that's immediately following the OGS conference.

Find out more at https://wherethestorytakesme.ca/week-in-june/

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