25 January 2018

OGS Ottawa Branch January Meeting

The main presentation this month, on Saturday 27 January, is OGS past-president Shirley Sturdevant on Geography and Maps for Genealogy. 

"Although there are numerous record groups and tools to assist genealogists and family historians, this presentation focuses on the oft-overlooked importance of geography and maps in researching and understanding our ancestral roots. Terms, tips and sources will add to your research toolbox."

The presentation will be given remotely. It will be preceded by a networking opportunity at 1 pm, and a Genealogy Back to Basics session Introduction to DNA Testing given by Richard McGregor starting at 10:30 am.

The Computer Interest group get-together will follow at about 3 pm.

The location is City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive (Room 115)

Advance Notice:  The regular May meetings (Back-to-Basics, Monthly and CSIG on 19 May) are cancelled owing to unavailability of the City Archives venue.  Consider attending the BIFHSGO meeting on 12 May instead.

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