01 January 2018

Your Genealogy Today: Jan-Feb 2018

A non-existent English place name and an unverifiable incident in an interview held at the Pontiac Archives (Quebec) feature in Sue Lisk's cover story Don't Hold Your Breath: Handling Hiccups in Your Research in the latest Your Genealogy Today.
A box highlighting five tips for sifting fact from muddled recollections includes imagining alternative versions of seemingly fantastical family stories.
Find links to previous articles written by Sue Lisk here.

Sign of the Times by Diane L. Richard and Avoid Common Mistakes
by Michael van Turnhout illustrate professional genealogical research techniques, as promoted by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. Curiously neither is BCG certified as far as I can tell, but the member search engine isn't working.
One BCG members who does have an item in the issue is Judy G. Russell who looks at Copyright and the Weblink. Her advice is that you can use a "simple straightforward link to someone else's material on the web" without running into copyright problems. What she doesn't add is how much you can copy some of the words, as I've done here, without problem!

Other articles in the issue, several with mentions of the UK and/or Canada are:
Small Town Genealogy
Leslie Michele Derrough shows how small communities are preserving their history
Constables and Town Watchmen
David A. Norris investigates sources for finding early law enforcement officers in your family tree
The Sad Tale of Dr. Misling and His Family
Constance R. Cherba enlists the help of her grandsons to do some summer genealogy sleuthing
Earmarked for Identification
Robbie Gorr looks at how the technique of earmarking livestock may help you find success in your family history research
The Problem of Researching Common Name Ancestors
Elizabeth Jones offers five handy tips to help you research those common name ancestors
DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard suggests how to connect to your DNA matches
The Back Page
Dave Obee wonders how transportation affected our ancestors

Altogether there's a bunch of good advice in this issue of Your Genealogy Today.

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