17 January 2018

Genealogical Miracles

Miraculous things found in compiled family trees.

  • Time travelers: Children born before their mother, or after their mother died.
  • Mis-conception: Alive in records before birth.
  • The man who never was: Dying before birth.
  • The well preserved: Aging less than 10 years per decade.
  • The Keener: Women having children in their 60s, and older.
  • Resurrection: Alive in records after death.
  • Scratching on the coffin lid: Buried before death.
  • The Methuselah Effect: Dying at an extremely old age.


Anonymous said...

Good one John. Miraculous aging!!!

In my late husband's experience, he found a relation who was toasted all over Cape Breton Island for being 100 years old, and even greeted by the Premier, on her 100th birthday. Too bad that he discovered she had aged 20 years between two consecutive census dates. But at least there was no one left around to tell her she was wrong! Cheers, BT

Old Census Scribe said...

Yesterday I found (in a genealogy) a woman born in 1502 in Wales and married in 1521 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. Imagine! That's 100 years before the Plymouth Colony settlement.

Anonymous said...

One branch of my family is chock full of the Well Preserved. The ladies of that branch were of the unanimous opinion that anyone so uncouth as to ask a lady her age did not deserve a truthful answer. One of them also qualifies as a Mis-Conception, appearing as a 5 year old child in the 1850 US Census, 10 years prior to the date of birth she reported to the census-takers in 1900.

jon said...

Just try pointing out any of this to the person involved in compiling/publishing it. I never bother any more.