12 January 2018

Family Tree DNA Y-111 results

In the Family Tree DNA pre-Christmas sale I upgraded my Y-DNA SNP test from 67 to 111 markers. The results arrived on Thursday.

As I'd expected the extra information didn't change things much. The two matches I had at 67 markers with 111 marker results were still there and in the same order as previously.The best match at 67 markers, 4 mismatches, became 6 mismatches at 111 markers.

The TiP Report showed we were likely more distantly related than in the 67 marker estimate.

GenerationsPercentage (Y67)Percentage (Y111)

I was also interested to see how these results compared to those estimated byYFull from my BigY results. Of the 44 markers 41 were identical. DYS716 and DYS462, were no-calls by YFull, and DYS710 differed -- 33 vs 33.2.

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Lesley Anderson said...

My upgrade from 37 to 111 isn't due in until February 23rd and I don't think it will solve any brickwall or shed light on what my father's surname should be! If 37 markers haven't got matches when most have done their 67 or 111, then I'm not hopeful that I will get anything useful. For an adoptee or a known MPE it's still all about the autosomal test in my humble opinion. The Christmas sale got me - Heavy sigh!