02 December 2018

BIFHSGO’s new vision, mission and value statements

The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa is entering its 25th year and the Board of Directors have pursued a strategic planning exercise.

The basis is BIFHSGO’s new vision, mission and value statements.

To connect, educate, share and inspire.  

The Mission of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa is to encourage family history research, and its dissemination, by people with ancestry throughout the British Isles through 
·        connecting BIFHSGO members with each other and other like-minded persons;   
·        educating both beginning and more experienced family historians by promoting and demonstrating trusted research methods and best practices;  
·        sharing members’ knowledge readily with other researchers; and  
·        inspiring others through educational presentations and members’ published stories.    

As a society, we value 
·         stewardship: taking an active role in the society’s activities (volunteering, presenting, writing, etc.) to ensure BIFHSGO continues to thrive; 
·         innovation: seeking fresh ways to encourage and facilitate family history research, and its dissemination; 
·         excellence: achieving a high standard in family history research through adoption of best practices; 
·         sharing: sharing information and experience among members and with others; 
·         integrity: communicating with honesty, openness and transparency; and 
·         collaboration: conducting activities with cooperation and mutual respect.

In January The Board will begin reporting on the goals and actions identified to guide the society’s future.

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