24 December 2018

Shared Surnames between Canada, France the UK and USA

If you take the top 100 surnames in each of Canada, France, the UK and USA there are 304 unique names. In three of those countries 20 names are in the top 100  - ALLEN, ANDERSON, BROWN, CLARK, DAVIS, GREEN, HALL, HARRIS, HILL, JACKSON, JOHNSON, JONES, KELLY, MARTIN, MURPHY, ROBERTS, ROSS, SMITH, THOMAS, WILSON.

The table is a count of the names in common between countries. Canada and the USA have more top 100 names in common reflecting the porosity of the border. The USA and UK share 27 top 100 names, the UK and Canada 19.
The USA has most shared top 100 names closely followed by Canada. France has the fewest. The one shared name between France and the UK is Lambert.


The lists of names are found at www.locatemyname.com/ for Canada, France and the UK, and at 

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