01 December 2018

Internet Genealogy Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

Is Your Family Data Safe?
Tony Bandy looks at strategies for protecting your cloud-based data from intruders. How not to be victim of an online hack.

Railroad Retirement Board Records at Your Fingertips
Diane L. Richard looks at a great source for locating ancestors who weren’t included in the Social Security Program.

New York State of Mind
Sue Lisk suggests some key genealogical assets to consider in the Empire State. Sue's articles are a joy to read, but I was surprised there was no mention of the New York index records available because of the initiative www.reclaimtherecords.org/

Extant US Customs Records
Diane L. Richard suggests that researching customs records can be a great way to document your mariner ancestors. This article focuses on US Customs Records, though the bibliography shares international resources.

Asylums and Family History Research
Sue Lisk suggests resources to assist in locating ancestors committed to institutional care.

The Last Roll Call
David A. Norris makes a survey of the last veterans of US wars who survived 90 and more years after the event offering a unique perspective of the passing of history

Drawing Attention to Your Work!
David A. Norris looks at the use of the manicule through the centuries.

Indigenous Settlers: Your Métis Genealogy Online
Tereasa Maillie looks at resources to assist you on your journey to find your Métis ancestors. A useful overview for those starting out researching Métis genealogy.

REVIEW: Airtable
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a new kind of information database for tracking genealogy research and other projects. There are several other information databases available. It isn't evident why Airtable would be preferable to the others for genealogy.

Discover Your Rural Roots!
Carol Richey looks at Advantage Preservation and their growing collection of digitized small town and rural newspapers, more than 55 million historical newspaper pages in 39 states with  focus around the company location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Northern States.

Internet Genealogy looks at websites that are sure to be of interest.

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Dave Obee says don’t put off DNA testing to another day. Spit as a lasting gift, one that will help family for many years to come.

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