03 December 2018

New GGI posts on YouTube

Since last Monday Maurice Gleeson has posted additional talks from the Genetic Genealogy Ireland session last October in Dublin.
Raising the Dead by Martin McDowell, about using the Lazarus tool on Gedmatch to paint ancestor's chromosomes, has received the most views. It's an advanced feature only useful for those who have test results for many identified relatives.

Next most popular is WATO - the latest tool for your atDNA by Andrew Millard. WATO is an abbreviation of What are the Odds and is designed to help refine when an unknown DNA match might lie in your family tree.

That presentation nicely complements Katherine Borges presentation Introducing DNA Painter mentioned in the previous post. It would be a good one to view beforehand if you could do with a gentler introduction.

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Linda Reid said...

Both the Lazarus program and DNA Painter require a lot of identified relatives. Lazarus requires close relatives of the person whose profile is to be created, ideally children and siblings. DNA Painter requires distant relatives, second and more distant cousins.