28 December 2018

FamilySearch adds England, Cheshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1598-1900

This new collection, as of 27 December on FamilySearch,  contains 2,179,329 baptismal, marriage, and burial records in the county of Cheshire for the years 1598-1900. Search and find an index record linked to an image or images.

The original records are held at the Cheshire Archives.

Findmypast has a more complete Cheshire collection.

Not to be overlooked, almost 500 Cheshire tithe maps available free online, together with the information recorded in tithe apportionments, record of land ownership, occupancy and use in Cheshire 150 years ago.

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Phillip Dunn said...

Actually, FamilySearch.org's main search engine provides "search" access to a combined Cheshire church registers database total of 8,886,000 CMB entries. This contrasts with the combined totals in their "Browse All Published Collections" page has a combined total of only 6,943,000 CMB entries. Compare this with Findmypast.co.uk's combined totals of 7,506,000 CMB entries. Why the difference between FamilySearch's main search engine database searches vs its "Browse All Published Collections" databases? This is because FamilySearch adds fresh new records regularly in its main search engine database and only occasionally updates their stand-alone databases found in their "Browse All Published Collections" page.

Phil Dunn, England AG
Sr Research Specialist, FamilySearch.org