14 December 2018

News from some English Record Offices

Many English record offices are so strapped for funds they can no longer afford to post news items on their website, except perhaps announcing curtailing operating hours over the next few weeks. Other make use of Facebook and Twitter. The following are some news or blog items I found in a trawl.

Cheshire Archives & Local Studies
Autumn/Winter News

Dorset History Centre
Archives A-Z: H is for houses

East Sussex Record Office
The Long Journey Home: Edith Cavell and the “Cavell” Van

Essex Record Office
The last forest (Hatfield Forest)

Norfolk Record Office
King’s Lynn’s Bohemian Rhapsody
The Appliance of Science: Using Science in Conservation
King’s Lynn and The War of the Spanish Succession
The Work of an Archivist

Suffolk Record Office
Suffolk County War Memorial Roll of Honour

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