20 January 2019

Devon Heritage and Genealogist's Psalm

There's a cornucopia of county resources at www.devonheritage.org/

Topics are: Architecture, Census, Devon County, Devonshire Rgt., Directory Listings, Education, Genealogy, History, Industry, Parish Records, People, Places, Transportation, War Memorials. They hide some fascinating resources you'd never guess would be there just from those topic titles.

The image is from a page Gone to Canada.

Thanks to Brenda Turner for the tip and pointing to The Genealogists Psalm.


Gail Benjafield said...

Similar material is in Louis Campey's Latest book, Ontario and Quebec's Irish Pioneer's: Farmers, Labourers, Lumberjacks and the Irish in Canada. I have reviewed this book for the OGS and know you know of the book. The cover of my Somerset/Dorset FHS summer issue has a wonderful photo of a ship going to Canada. .... and I hope that will be published along with the review.
Thanks for this John; it is always good to find new sources of Canadian information from U.K. sources.

Gail B

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for this link :) I have Devon ancestors...off to explore now!