29 January 2019

Wreck of the S.S. Nimrod

One hundred years ago today the S.S. Nimrod with a crew of 12 ran aground and sank off the coast of Norfolk while carrying 330 tons of coal from Blyth in Northumberland to the French port of Calais.

A decade before the Nimrod, already 45 years old, had a much more prestigious assignment sailing Antarctic waters carrying Sir Ernest Shackleton and his fellow explorers hoping to reach the South Pole. Nimrod was subsequently employed in sealing off Newfoundland.

Read the story The night Nimrod went down off the coast of Great Yarmouth in the Yarmouth Mercury.

The surviving crew were:
James Threwalen (or Truelsen) (First Mate)*
Russel Gregory (Boatswain)*

Other crew bodies recovered were:
William Robert Doran (Captain)
George Henry Vasil (Chief Engineer)
Charles Watson (Cook)
George Martin (Fireman)
Frank Doran (Brother of the Captain)
(Andrew) J(ohan) Sal(o)monsso(or e)n (Second Engineer)+

Others, bodies not recovered
Charlie ? (Donkeyman)
Frederick (Edward F?) Turpin (Able Seaman)
Charles Watkinson (Steward)+
Oscar Coulbeck (mess room steward)+

All identified in contemporary issues of the Yarmouth Independent. + identified in Sheffield Daily Telegraph, February 3, 1919.

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