05 January 2019

Findmypast adds Norfolk Parish Records

Norfolk Baptisms
Over 76,000 additional records have been added to the Findmypast collection of Norfolk parish baptisms. The additions span 1777 to 1990 and cover the parishes of North Creake, Ringland, Southwood, Thornham and Worstead. The collection now totals 1,910,448 records.

Each record will give you an original image of the parish register and a transcript of the details found in the records. The transcripts can vary depending on the age of the record and its condition, but most will include birth date, baptism date, parish and parent's names.

Norfolk Banns
Over 33,000 new Norfolk Banns are now available to search. These new additions cover the parishes of Rockland All Saints & St Andrew, Roughton, Snetterton and Yaxham. Banns of marriage are the public announcement in a Christian parish church of a forthcoming marriage and normally include the couple's names, residences, home parish and banns year. Images may reveal the second and third banns dates, the couple's marital statuses and the name of the minister who performed the banns.
The Banns collection now totals 484,649 records.

Norfolk Marriages
Over 27,000 new records with images covering the parishes of North Creake, Rockland All Saints & St Andrew, Snetterton, Somerleyton, Southwood, Wacton, Wells next the Sea, Westacre and Worstead. The new additions span the years 1777 to 1984 and will reveal a combination of names, dates and locations related to both the bride and groom.
The collection now totals 981,449 records.

Norfolk Burials
Search over 15,000 recent additions to our collection of Norfolk Burials covering the parishes of North Creake, Rockland All Saints & St Andrew, Southwood, Wells next the Sea and Worstead. The transcripts and images will list a combination of your ancestors' burial dates, ages and residences at time of death, and their birth years.
There are now 1,459,643 entries in this collection, not all conventional. What's the story behind the burial of "2 Men & A Boy" in 1580 in King's Lynn, "3 Russian Soldiers" and then "5 Russian Soldiers" in 1796 at Great Yarmouth.

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