24 January 2019

Top 50 Closest DNA Matches - not US

On the Genealogy Tips and Tricks Facebook Group Blaine Bettinger posted a table "Of my top 50 closest matches (that I did not test) across all four testing companies (66 - 1,882 cM)." He used it to point out that if he had only tested at 23andMe he'd be missing 37 matches, at AncestryDNA missing 21 matches, at Family Tree DNA missing 43 matches and at MyHeritage missing 42 matches.

Inspired by Blaine I checked my results. Whereas Blaine's 50th match is 66 cM my top match at Ancestry is 63 cM, at 23andMe 58 cM (approx), at FTDNA 77 cM (without deducting small segments), and at MyHeritage 54 cM.

My top 50 matches are all at FTDNA, again without deducting small segments.

Could it be that so many more people in the US than elsewhere have had their DNA tested that those of us without US ancestry are out of luck? And, perhaps the prospects for the companies are limited unless they can grow their international customer base.


Barb said...

Family Tree DNA I believe allows DNA tests from the other big companies to be uploaded for free to their site. If everyone who had their DNA tested from Ancestry, 23 and me and Heritage would upload their results to Family Tree we would all be winners.

Toni said...

I think that is a logical conclusion. I am waiting for more matches from Canada. I have two good strong matches that have produced 2 more branches but I still can't find the ancestor in common. I need that guy!! If it would have been one match I would just wait patiently but for the number of matches I have in those two branches We Are Related!

Celtictwigs said...

Until I deducted those small segments from my FTDANA matches, that company dominated my top results. Once that was addressed, Ancestry and 23andMe easily shared the lead.