01 January 2019

Is Canadiana really free

I waited until the start of the year to see if all Canadiana content included in Early Canadiana Online, Héritage, and Canadiana Online would be free as promised.

The first few pages of Wiggins' storm herald, with almanac, 1883 displayed until I was faced with the message:

Subscription Required
Canadiana Online is funded by its users through subscriptions. Become a subscriber today to access all of the site's content and features.
The same thing happened with 77th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Ottawa.

UPDATE:  Full assess without subscription was implemented on 2 January.



Jerri said...

I sent an email to the site to ask why I was asked for subscription information if it was free. I received an almost immediate response. The answer was "soon". It will be free " soon".

Toni said...

I hope they realize I'm 72 years old! I can't wait much longer!