01 January 2019

Your Genealogy Today: Jan/Feb 2019

The Books They Read as Children
George Matheson looks at the role that books played in shaping the early lives of his ancestors

What’s Left to Do After Finding a Family History?
Robbie Gorr says the work is never done after finding a published family history

Financing Wars
Diane L. Richard says 18th and 19th century Federal tax records do exist!

Slang Dictionaries
David A. Norris asks: “Are you hep to your ancestors’ jive?”

Frozen: Coping with Research Paralysis
Sue Lisk offers strategies to help rev you up when your research is stalled

Bookplates, Book Rhymes, and InscriptionsStory
David A. Norris looks at how family history information can be found in your ancestors’ favorite books

Beacon Hollow Cemetery
Constance Cherba looks at the history and renewal of an Iowa cemetery almost forgotten after a century

Contours in the Clouds
Sue Lisk suggests things genealogists should consider as they seek to better understand the individuals behind the names in their family trees

Advice From the Pros
Genealogically Speaking: How to Submit a Winning Proposal. By Lisa Alzo

DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard explains the importance of the centimorgan in genetic genealogy

The Back Page
Dave Obee asks: Can you handle the truth?

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Gail B said...

This looks like a good New Years read. I will try to find a copy locally. Anything that includes books and Dave Obee is a a winner with me.

Best of the Hew Year, John.

Gail B, St. C.