09 January 2019

The Middlemore Index

BIFHSGO has it's first success of 2019 — a very much updated version of the Middlemore Index. It's thanks to a project championed over many years for BIFHSGO by Patricia Roberts-Pichette, with help from many others in the Society.

The Index contains the names of the approximately 5,000 children brought for settlement in Canada between 1873 and 1932 by John T. Middlemore and his agency―known as the Children’s (Middlemore) Emigration Homes. There's much more than the names — it draws together references from up to ten documents for each child.

A good place to start in is with the Guide to the Middlemore Index and Sources for complete details. If like most of us you prefer to dive right in go here. You'll find an alphabetical menu organized by surname initial. Clicking on the file of interest brings up a mass of information; you'll then turn to the guide to help understand WDH you're seeing.

BIFHSGO has declared copyright for the Index and it may not be downloaded or printed.

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