26 January 2019

Digitization in Ontario Public Libraries

OurDigitalWorld has released a report on the current state of digitization in Ontario public libraries (PDF) – projects, best practices, capacity, and areas for improvement.
166 Ontario public libraries an estimated 85% of Ontario’s population responded to a survey last summer, a 53%
response rate which serve .

36.4% of libraries were working on digitization at the time of the survey; 12.4% within the past three years.
17.4% last digitized more than three years ago;
26.4% have never digitized, but hope to do some in the future.

The word cloud reports how libraries believe their digital
collections are being used.

Lack of resources is the main reason given for not digitizing materials, the reason I suspect OPL would give. However, it's really a matter of managerial priorities.

Why when money can be found for maker spaces can it not be found to add digitization capabilities that volunteers could use to add unique local resources to library offerings?

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Gail B said...

I realize this is not an expected partial answer to your query as to why digitization may be difficult, but may help in some cases. Volunteers are mentioned who could help. Many libraries rely on volunteers, but others do not. If unionized, as numbers of libraries are, volunteers are not permitted, at least to do any library staff's work. Some unionized libraries are more flexible than others, I suspect. But it could be that some more rigid library management says 'no volunteers' in any capacity. Just guessing here, as a long time librarian

Gail B