29 May 2020

Ancestry Updates Surrey Parish Records

There's a substantial update, over 400,000 records added, to Ancestry's collection of Surrey parish records just placed online. A comparison with the number of records previously available, as of my last post on 10 October 2019 is in the table below.

 Title Dates Records Previous
 Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1538-1812 1,879,463 1,864,596
 Church of England Baptisms 1813-1917 2,504,849 2,262,611
 Church of England Marriages and Banns 1754-1937 1,206,228 1,108,226 
 Church of England Burials 1813-1997 565,353 519,990

Burials are added from 1987 to 1997. 

1 comment:

Sophronia said...

If these records are actual Parish Register or BT images, then we've got a bonanza to work with. However there's a chance they are all re-postings of FHL Film transcriptions from FamilySearch in an attempt to pad their records. That's what I am finding far too many of at Ancestry these days. Word to the wise, unless you've actually looked at these films, you have no way of knowing whether they are 'extracted' entries or 'patron submissions". The same applies to the new (to some of us) FamilySearch records. The old IGI made a note but the new records don't.