28 May 2020

Survey on Reopening Ottawa City Museums

Do you have an opinion? If so the City would like your feedback.
With the temporary closures of culture facilities due to COVID-19, we’d like to receive public feedback about returning to our new normal operations.

We would like the help of our community stakeholders to reach museum-goers. Please complete this survey yourself and feel free to share this survey link directly with any friends, family members, or local museum enthusiasts.

Please note we are following the Ontario Government for the timeline for reopening our outdoor spaces, facilities and programs. As we have heard from all levels of government, reopening will be determined by data and recommendations of public health officials.

By museum-goers taking a few minutes to complete the survey this will help us all in planning our reopening. These results, which we will share with you at future meetings, will address the types of measures we can put in place to make our public feel more comfortable coming back to our venues.

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