15 May 2020

Newspaper Digitization Milestone

New Zealand, a country with a population about one-eighth that of Canada, has achieved six million pages digitized through the Papers Past initiative of the National Library of New Zealand. Read about it here.

To put the achievement in perspective, six million pages is 1.25 pages per person.

Australia's digitized newspaper collection TROVE, from the National Library of Australia, has 23,498,368 pages or 0.94 pages per person.

Both are free to full-text search and view.

When complete later this year the British Newspaper Archive, a cooperative project from the British Library, will comprise 40 million pages, or 0.60 pages per person on a subscription basis.

In Canada, how is Library and Archives Canada doing?  Neither the LAC project that digitized four First Nation’s titles, nor the Canadiana.ca newspaper digitization initiative gives the number of pages digitized.

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