09 May 2020

NEW: MyHeritage Canadian Newspapers

Within a day of posting my last YouTube newspaper video, I discovered something new. MyHeritage has added Canadian newspapers to the collection, and they're full text searchable. There are many, not all the Canadian papers in Google News Archive — 6,961,070 pages in 345 newspaper titles.

The search includes options for first and last name, publication title, date and place, and keywords. There are options for exact searches and translations. An advanced search adds flexibility on publication date. Hits are returned with the newspaper title, date and page number along with a section of the transcribed text around the hit. Click through for a full-page image.

It helped me — I discovered two articles about my great uncle in Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

If you use newspapers in your family history research this addition substantially increases the value of a MyHeritage subscription.

I've updated the video linked from here.


Patrick said...

Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, who your great uncle is. I am familiar with the Tisdale area.

JDR said...

Patrick: His name was John A D Barnett, later Cochrane Barnett. He came from England, enlisted in the CEF in 1914 and was totally blinded in France. He went to Tisdale and took up a soldier land grant but didn't last long returning to England to stay around the end of 1920 or early 1921. There are a couple of newspaper items and the land grant records as well as his service file.