14 May 2020

Kingston Branch OGS May Meeting Online

On Saturday, 16 May 16, 2020, at 10:00 am, Bob Dawes from Quinte Branch OGS will talk about “The Family History Reno Project”.
Most genealogists consider a DO-OVER as a way to correct inaccuracies that have crept into their family history file over time. We all improve on our research and recording skills as we get more experienced, leaving a lot of our earlier research questionable. Also, new databases and resources become available which might confirm or discount an earlier decision we made about an ancestor. 
There are two ways to approach this reconstruction: 
• The easy way or top-down approach where we methodically re-visit everyone in our file
confirming dates and adding or editing information about new individuals and events.
• The hard way or bottom up approach involves starting a new family file with ourselves and adding our parents and so on with the associated proof and sources. 
This presentation will discuss the easy, top-down approach which also allows you to continue your research while cleaning up any inaccuracies at the same time.

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Unknown said...

Thank you John for posting our meeting.
Bill Cookman
Chair - Kingston Branch
Ontario Ancestors