22 May 2020

Deceased Online adds Norwich Cemeteries: the Rackham Family

Rosary and Earlham Cemeteries, both owned and run by Norwich City Council, have just been published on www.deceasedonline.com.

Rosary Cemetery with 20,627 records, from 1821 to 2007 was the UK's first non-denominational burial ground. It has Grade II* listed status. It lies 1.5 km east of the city centre.

Earlham Cemetery with 170,930 records, from 1856 to 2008, is 2.4 km west of the city centre.

An illustration in the announcement of this addition showed a Rackham family entry in Earlham cemetery. Mary Elizabeth Mann, nee Rackham is the wife of my 1st cousin 4 times removed, so not a blood relative. As an author she was described as "brutal as Hardy, as sharply satirical as Thackeray."
She was born in Norwich on 14 August 1848 to merchant William Simon Rackham. With relatively few Rackhams in Norwich, or Norfolk, in the 1851 census it's likely the Thomas in the extract is of a previous generation. That's a rabbit hole I'll avoid at present.

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