13 May 2020

Wealthier Grandparents: Healthier Grandchildren

A study Grandparents’ wealth and the body mass index trajectories of grandchildren by Ying Huang published 30 April 2020 published in PLOS ONE finds that

Grandparental wealth is a critical SES marker that can play a pivotal role in influencing their grandchildren’s weight status beginning in early childhood. Grandparental wealth is an important financial resource that shapes the opportunities structure that a child faces and the environment that a child lives in. Grandparental wealth may play a role in influencing grandchildren’s BMI growth trajectories through the “purchasing” function of wealth. In other words, grandparental wealth may help grandchildren to access material goods and services that mitigate obesity risks. 
Is the author suggesting a subsidy program for grandparents in concluding "elevating the wealth levels of the grandparent generation could potentially reduce their grandchildren’s obesity risk"?

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