20 May 2020

When will LAC reopen?

The following information is from Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Leslie Weir.
We are being very cautious in our planning for return.  Our initial top priority is the safety and security of our staff.  We have a team looking at the building, people and work to find the best ways forward.  We will maintain telework in the long term and phase onsite work back in slowly while we practice social distancing and will define have isolation of all materials coming into the facility.  And we know that we need to be ready to return to the approach over the past 9 weeks at a moment’s notice. 
And we are planning for welcoming back our users, but in a later phase, likely during the summer.
Comment:   I'm sure we all support a prudent approach to reopening the LAC physical facilities. The closure reinforces the message that the more resources digitized and online the better LAC's ability to serve clients Canada-wide whatever the physical access conditions.

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