18 May 2020

Why and How to Backup Your Computer

Computer guru Charles Godwin emailed me with a backup story.
My hard drive failed Thursday morning. I do daily backups. It took to Friday to get a new drive but I fully restored by late Friday to my backup Wednesday. Probably lost 4 hours of stuff, but in my case none was irreplaceable.
I was surprised to find out it was a 3-4-year-old solid-state drive (SSD) that failed. Charles replaced it with one with double the capacity for $100.

My backup is an external HDD, and extra insurance with a Backblaze account. Backblaze should save me if a disaster at home sends both my computer and external drive to technology heaven — leaving me in the other place.

A couple of days later I got a renewal notice from Backblaze. It worked smoothly a couple of times I tested it. So I renewed.

Backblaze offers an extra month service if you use this link, and I'll get an extra month too.


Don said...

"Closing the barn door after the horse has left" springs to mind. I looked at Backblaze and one of their features is to find lost or stolen computers. My computer was stolen in London at the last conference. I've closed the barn door now. Thanks John.

Chuck Buckley said...

Very surprising that SSD failed after 4 years - was it a name brand? like Seagate ?