25 June 2020

Dictionary of Old Occupations and JSTOR

During her Facebook presentation on occupations for Findmypast on Wednesday Jen Baldwin mentioned a couple of resources that caught my attention.

From Family Researcher, the Dictionary of Old Occupations: A-Z Index at https://www.familyresearcher.co.uk/glossary/Dictionary-of-Old-Occupations-Index.html. Jobs are listed alphabetically by job title; browse through the dictionary to find interesting and obscure old occupations and their definitions. What did a Loblolly Boy do? Is a Looker what you'd think?

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Jen mentioned using it to explore the historical background of something that comes up in family history research. It could be almost anything, railroads, an occupation, an event ...

There's normally limited free access but during the current COVID-19 crisis, JSTOR and participating publishers are making additional content freely available. Get the details at https://about.jstor.org/get-jstor/.

This is another resource that can lead you well off the path of initial interest. Before I knew it I'd rediscovered the Return of Owners of London 1872-73 database on Ancestry.

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jon said...

Owners of London: I think you meant Owners of Land.

Where have all those old jobs gone ?