27 June 2020

Findmypast Weehly Update: Saskatchewan Vital and England & Wales Roman Catholic Records

Canada, Saskatchewan Vital Records Birth Index has 64,614 records from 1867 to 1919. The coverage is incomplete, especially before 1885 and after 1908.
It's a fairly complete index with first and last name, sex, birth year, birth date, birthplace, father's and mother's first and last names.

Canada, Saskatchewan Vital Records Death Index has 55,302 records from 1893 to 1949. In addition to name, sex and death date the records may include parents' names, but not age

The above are freely available at the Saskatchewan eHealth website.

England Roman Catholic Parish Registers
Exclusive baptism, marriage, burial and congregational records from the Archdiocese of Southwark are added to the Findmypast Catholic collection.
Baptisms from 84 parishes in Kent and Surrey are typically from 1884 to 1910, a total of 213,484 records.
Marriages from 71 parishes are typically from 1892 to 1910, a total of 51,718 records.
Congregational records for 64 parishes, the bulk for Southwark Catherdal,  are typically from 1883 to 1909 and total 127,090 entries.
Burials typically from 1879 to 1910 total 22,403 records in 35 parishes.

England & Wales, Roman Catholics, 1717
In partnership with The National Archives, FMP adds to this collection which now has 107,019 records from the Forfeited Estates Commission: abstracts of estates of Popish recusants.

"Abstracts of estates usually incorporate alphabetical lists of convicted recusants registered in the various counties and some towns, in England and Wales. The returns include those estates which were described in the register, but for which no valuation was given.

Included is a large collection of deeds and other documents produced before the Commissioners of the Forfeited Estates and relating to the estates of persons attainted during the rebellion of 1715. Some of these documents date back at least to the sixteenth century. They are arranged for the most part under the names of the attainted persons. They include original claims of the various persons upon the several estates forfeited to the Crown; proceedings of the commissioners, including correspondence, minutes and memoranda, accounts, lists and schedules, and inventories of documents; returns by clerks of the peace of the names and estates of papist recusants in England and Wales arranged by counties; rentals and particulars of estates sold; and information respecting lands given to superstitious uses."

1 comment:

Paul Milner said...

John, Readers should note that the collection - England & Wales Roman Catholic 1717 - should be searched for anyone even if you believe your ancestors are not Roman Catholic. What many of these lists and documents contain are lists and details of tenants occupying land or buildings on the estates of Roman Catholic landowners. It does not mean that the tenants are themselves Roman Catholics, though they may be. Don't try to narrow the place down too much in the search engine - stay broad at the county level, then look for place in the transcripts.

Also note the reference numbers are the modern references for these records as found in Discovery - TNA online catalog. If you have the 1968 guide - The Records of the Forfeited Estates Commission - it uses the old references. You can convert the old to the new references in the TNA catalog by searching on FEC1 and the old reference e.g. P.81/2 for Northumberland list of convicted recusants.

Good luck with the searching.
Paul Milner