19 June 2020

UK to Canada Genealogy

Penny Allen, a Canadian librarian living in London, has been helping me with some information for a presentation I'm scheduled to give in Canada Day. She found that about three-quarters of most;y UK genealogists who responded to a survey knew of people from their family tree who came to Canada. A few additional percent had stories they hadn't confirmed.

I'm returning the compliment by highlighting Penny's blog https://ukcdngenealogy.blogspot.com/ and in particular a post from a while back on
Phone Books for Canadian Prairies Genealogy

For more there's an Index to Articles at https://ukcdngenealogy.blogspot.com/p/provincial-index.html?m=1


Anonymous said...

John, a most interesting post. I was delighted to see a copy of an advertising poster from the 1930s saying come to Canada for free land. I have loved to see such things at LAC when researching.

So I posted it to FB, and gave you and your blog the credit for this. Should have named your chum who wrote all this stuff but will now. DUH!! BT

Penny said...

Oh, I am surprised and so pleased that you've highlighted my blog articles John. It's always a pleasure to help a fellow genealogist. There used to be a term in the olden days genealogy world - ROAGK - do you remember that one? Many thanks! Penny