23 June 2020

Internet Genealogy: June/July 2020

There was a delay in getting this issue out from the publisher, and further delay in providing this annotated table of contents.

Vivid-Pix RESTORE: More Than Just Photos, George G. Morgan looks at the genealogist’s best friend for retouching and restoring all sorts of difficult images. 
George gushes about the software capabilities, the images showing the improvement are impressive. There is no comparison with other utilities which now include the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer.

In Search of a Cure: Sanatoriums and Our Ancestors, Sue Lisk highlights websites about tuberculosis sanatoriums and the experiences of patients who received treatment.
Covers the situation in the US and Canada.

Free Luxembourg Records Online, Julie Cahill Tarr examines resources available for researching ancestors from Luxembourg

Coroners’ Inquests: Death Records by Another Name, Diane L. Richard looks at where to find the records completed by coroners.
The focus is North Carolina. There is a listing of a few records elsewhere including Middlesex County [Ontario Canada], Coroner Investigations and Inquests,  1831-1893.

Victorian Tax Rolls for Scottish Research, Christine Woodcock recommends a visit to the free ScotlandsPlaces website to understand how your ancestors were taxed.
Includes a list of 11 different taxes that were levied in Scotland at various times.

Remembering the Forgotten: Stories of British Home Children, Sue Lisk looks at websites that share the experiences of Canada’s “home children”.
Early in this article, Sue writes about home child experiences "The results were mixed. The topic remains controversial."

First Look @ Heredis 2020, Tony Bandy looks at the latest version of  Heredis genealogy software.
Tony recommends "try before you buy." Like most software, there's a learning curve and you need to be convinced it's worth switching.

Holland America Line Ticket Sales Registers Online: 1900-1920, John M. Hoenig explains that this source can have some surprises for genealogists.
A concise article about a new database from the City Archives of Rotterdam.

British Online Archives, Diane L. Richard discovers the BOA and its extensive collections of unique primary source documents
Now described as 3,832,343 records covering 1000 years of world history: from politics & warfare, to slavery & revolution. One I didn't know.

Military Sounds: Drums, Trumpets, Bugles & Fifes, David A. Norris looks at military musical sounds your ancestors may have performed

Net Notes: Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page: Seek the Hidden Stories Behind the Bare Facts, Dave Obee looks at how disease has shaped  your family tree

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