03 June 2020

Not in Hibernation

While many organizations give the appearance of having gone dormant during the pandemic that's not the case with at least one. In the past month there have been 22 posts on the Derbyshire Record Office Blog.

Before you move on because you don't have Derbyshire ancestry, be aware that many of those posts have information of more general value.

Other posts include about John Franklin, Florence Nightingale, and an overview of Online Resources for Derbyshire.


MsAncestry said...

Interesting John that you also clicked and read the adoption section of their post! I wish that all record offices were posting helpful articles like this

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tip - now following the blog in WordPress :)

Jane E MacNamara said...

I've been to this record office, and it is a wonderful place, high on a hill in Matlock with a view of a castle in the distance. The interior is modern and comfortable for both researchers and staff with extensive use of county symbols and historical graphics in the decor. The window shades are printed with tithe maps. My favourite thing, though is a wonderful poem, "Somewhere in this building" by Matt Black, printed on the wall of the break room. You can read it in this post: https://recordoffice.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/derbyshire-record-office-re-opens-a-report-from-chaddesden-historical-group/

Btyclk said...

I have friends that grew up in Derbyshire. I think that they may be interested in this.