12 June 2020

Genealogists' Magazine June 2020

The major contents of this latest issue of the Society of Genealogists magazine are:

Initiatives for the improvement of parish registers during the first half of the 18th century, by John Wintrip
Examines changes in the dioceses of York and Chester, the Archdeaconry of Bedford, and possibly the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon,  from 1715 onwards. They may have been precipitated by a draft Canon relating to marriages by licence produced by the Convocation of the Church of England in 1714. It looks at the churchmen behind these changes.

Croydon Worthies. 
Information on 118 "worthies", men and women from Croydon selected from and 1882 publication Croydon of the Past, by the Croydon Advertiser

Events that changed thousands of children’s lives, by Len Street.
Second World War child evacuations. No mention of overseas evacuations.

Sir Arthur Wheeler’s Investment Company - an early mailshot survives by accident, by Sherry l Abrahart.
Raising funds in Leicester in 1920.

Unusual times and a timely reminder of the 1918/19 pandemic, by Helen Dawkins.
Mostly about her photo restoration business.

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