Friday, 12 October 2012

WW1 survey

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been speaking about plans for commemorating the Great War which started in 1914. They include allocating over 50 million pounds for school visits to WW1 battlefields, funding for a transformation of the Imperial War Museum and, a major programme of national commemorative events "properly funded and given the proper status they deserve"

So far Canada's government has made no announcement.

How significant was the Great War for your family history? Please answer the poll and leave a comment on how Canada should mark the occasion.

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Brian Glenn said...

For my family, the importance was for those that served and survived. In terms of Government recognition, at least as much as War of 1812 and hopefully recognition of the support corps such as the Forestry Corps.

Lois in British Columbia said...

As well for my family, the loss of life of sons and nephews was devastating. In addition the permanently invalided (loss of a leg)that returned, two of whom were my perternal and materal grandfathers, remained a constant reminder of the lifetime sacrifice made for the British Commonwealth.

Regina in Colorado said...

Between the war and the flu, the Canadian end of my family was nearly wiped out - all for their new country - USA.

BDM said...

Re your poll, whether someone died may not be the question. Whether a family was affected or changed because of the First World War may be more relevant. Surely that conflict in a new century and its consequences for Canada deserve at least as much as the feds are pouring into the War of 1812.