29 October 2012

Ancestry at 40% off for "new" members

At the Canadian War Museum on Sunday I picked up this card with a not to be missed special - Ancestry World edition at 40% off.

The small print reads "40% off Canada Deluxe Membership offer price: $71.40 valid from June 12, 2012 - January 6, 2013. Annual memberships will be billed in one payment. Offer only available by following the link above (www.ancestry.ca/1812) and for new subscribers only and not for renewal of current memberships. To ensure that you get continuous access to Ancestry.ca, your membership will be renewed automatically at the end of your subscription period and your payment method will be debited at the standard rate applicable at the time. You can cancel your subscription any time by visiting My Account and clicking on ’Cancel Subscription‘ or by calling 1-800-958-9073 (toll free from Canada) 10am - 10pm EST Monday to Friday and 10am - 6pm EST Saturday and Sunday (English Only)."

If you're already a subscriber and your membership expires before January 6 use this to bargain for a better price.

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